SmartSuite Project Management Template

For: SmartSuite
Written by: Dan Leeman

Download our free SmartSuite template for project management, helping you better track project financials of resources, tasks, and projects.

SmartSuite Project Management Template

During my time in professional services, I've helped implement many different project management systems, both internally and externally, across many different software applications.

One common denominator is being able to track the financials of your projects. If internal, how are you measuring the ROI and project success metrics? If external, how are you measuring project profitability?

I did a couple of webinars with the SmartSuite team in 2023, showing how one could automate their service delivery processes.

While I thought the Q&A would focus more on the integrations I built, many in the audience wanted to know how they could construct their SmartSuite solution to better track project profitability.

If that's of interest to you, check out our free project management solution template:

In the future we'll create a short video on some of its features.

Now as is the case for any template, you're going to find that you have your own unique needs that may differ from the template. For example, this is primarily geared at projects that bill time & material, estimate at the task level, and have resources that bill at various rates.

You, on the other hand, may quote high level estimates, bill by milestone completion, and have a similar costing structure across your whole team. Great! That's the beauty of SmartSuite and how quickly you can use some of our base formulas and tweak them for your needs.

On the other hand, if you would prefer our team of expert SmartSuite consultants help you out, come book a free consultation with us!